Shoreline and Stream Restoration at Lake Sammamish

July 13, 2012 in Featured Green Shorelines, Green Shorelines

Lake Sammamish Waterfront Green Shoreline

The Watershed Company worked closely with the property owners at the mouth of George Davis Creek to restore riparian and aquatic habitat along a stream channel and lake shoreline, while also reducing the regulated critical area buffer to allow for home reconstruction. George Davis Creek, cutoff from salmon and trout for decades, once flowed through pipes, culverts, and a concrete flume under the prior single-family residence.


With the aid of Watershed Company’s design team of biologists, engineers, landscape architects, and planners, the end result is an open channel salmon and trout-spawning stream built below a new four-story home. The Watershed Company navigated the design through local, state, and federal permits without revisions, receiving federal approval within 2 months. Construction was completed in summer 2009. In the late fall of 2009, kokanee salmon returned to George Davis Creek for the first time in decades, finding over 100 feet of spawning habitat throughout the newly created channel.

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